Friday, 18 March 2011

Oh What A Lovely War and Other Things...

Last night I went to the theatre.

Don't all drop dead at once, it was only the Haliwell which is a sandwich or two away from being a health hazard. Anyway, my flatmate and I went to watch 'Oh What A Lovely War' coerced by some of our stage-hand and actor friends. The show was thoroughly enjoyable and certainly worth the £3 entry fee for a ticket, which, thanks to Dark Horse (My Flatmate) we received for free. WIN! And I suppose, with free seats comes great views and brilliant seats, well the views were great, but the seating. That theatre really needs more leg room.

So we leave, and when we get back here, it's PIZZA TIME!

Good fun and tasties much? Many People were drunk, and commenting on the size of someone's equipment. The whole event was very surreal and as always enjoyable.

Okay so I said I'd make this a happier event. So that band I'm trying to hire for my party wont return my emails, I might have to phone them soon.

Writing is going well, I've got to do a bit more today so I can post some. I'm trying to enter the Cardiff International Poetry Competition, merely to see whether I can cut it as a poet, a writer, and if I do win the end to some of my financial worries, though that's not my main goal. The poem I wrote a long while ago, when I wrote poems, and I've since adapted it into a stageplay. Which seems like a very strange thing to be doing indeed.

Well that about sums up this installment.

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

P.S. As this question didn't get much of a response last time I asked it. Out of all the Fictional Characters in the world which ONE would you want to spend a single Afternoon with?

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