Thursday, 24 March 2011

PAT Test Man and Other Worthless Superheroes...

One Day PAT Test Man was meant to PAT test all of ABN Block 4, but PAT Test Man was busy and late, and lazy. So donning his florescent orange jacket he marched out into the sun blinding anyone he saw, because he wasn't a very nice Superhero. On his back, in black bold letters, read the words 'Health and Safety Officer'. Because that was PAT Test Man's day job.

While walking along he can across his two friends, THE Farmer Giles and Fence Boy and the pair were repairing a fence the evil students had torn down. You see PAT Test Man, THE Farmer Giles, and Fence Boy's ultimate enemy was the Student Body, who's super secret evil hideout was in his fort 'The Student Union'. Unknown to PAT Test Man this super secret evil hideout fort thing of super evilness lay hidden in plain sight on Campus, and was a refreshment's outlet by day, and an evil night club at night. PAT Test Man had even bought a drink there once and thought it very nice, but a bit loud for him.

Outside ABN Block 4 he, and THE Farmer Giles, and Fence Boy stood chatting for a while when all of a sudden loud and beat-worthy music blared out of an upstairs window. THE Farmer Giles was not happy with this because it was making more noise than his and Fence Boy's fence building. Then, to make matters worse the Council Henchmen arrived in their Cleaning Vehicle and cleaned the road next to PAT Test Man, THE Farmer Giles, and Fence Boy. The noise was too much for the trio, and the Council Henchmen we using their Cleaning Vehicle to throw glass bottles and cans at them.

So with the music and the whirrrrrrrrrrrring of the Cleaning Vehicle Fence Boy took up a fence post and started to batter the Cleaning Vehicle. THE Farmer Giles unleashed his hordes of sheep and cows pushing and biting the vehicle.

Soon the henchmen were defeated as they ran away leaving their Cleaning Vehicle on the side of the University to explode, which it did, knocking down THE Farmer Giles and Fence Boy's fence. Fence Boy was soo annoyed by this, he took his fence post and threw it through the noise making window killing everyone inside.

PAT Test Man very impressed by what he saw took out his PAT Test Machine, scanned the building, ABN Block 4, and found that there were no faults with anything. But that didn't stop him sticking little green stickers everywhere.

PAT Test Man went home and felt good about himself, even though everyone knew he was just useless and a waste of space in his blinding orange jacket.

And from the Attic Bar of the Student Union stood the Student Body who saw everything of that day's events and knew he must stop PAT Test Man and all his friends, THE Farmer Giles, Fence Boy, Haliwell Chef, JM Williams, and the Sperminator.

But that's just me, until next time bloggers...

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  1. Lol Tom.. this was the undergrad class laughing fit all over again. In a good way!! :D Nice