Monday, 21 March 2011

Just Another Magic Monday...

Fun Weekend!!!

Well sort of, I had to read another bloody book for a lecture everyone hates, and the lecturer thought about scrapping it last year because no one liked it - TAKE A HINT!!!

But in all seriousness the lecture would be improved by simply:
a. Removing Her as the teaching lecturer.
b. Changing the time frame in which the module is set. (seriously, who can tell me a GOOD Welsh novel in the 20th Century?)
And 3. Changing the culture to that of Britishness, or somewhere people write stuff about, rather than making us reference those other texts/places. It makes no sense?!

Anywho, I had to read the entirety of 'The Hiding Place' in one sitting, because I hate reading for that module. It was weird, and apart from being set in Cardiff, not a Welsh Text, though apparently it is. I couldn't understand her today because she talks too academically and too mundanely.

Pill and I cooked up a fantastic Come Dine With Me Flatstyle (take 1) yesterday too. We made:

Scampi and Seasoned Potato Wedges
with various dips and sauces.

Main Course
Mozzarella stuffed Chicken Breast
on a bed of Roasted Vegetables

Chocolate Puddle Pudding

Sounds good don't it?

And today, after the tremendously boring, and long, and tedious, and apparently headache making lecture we went to the Golden Lion in town to play a few games of Magic the Gathering Cards - if you're interested you should come. Drinks, card games, and sometimes free Twinkies (yum, yum)

I'll check in with you again soon,
But that's me, until next time bloggers...

P.S. Question: If a tree falls in the woods, will animals get squashed?


  1. Why do I feel like it was Jeni's lecture? :P She is tough, and talks all academic but that's only because she knows more than anyone should be allowed to know. Her knowledge bank is just fuckin awesome.

    Seriously. She is my tutor and frankly I have learnt more just by talking to her than in any lecture per say.

    Answer: The animals would only get as squashed as if I were to punch you and you didn't step back. :)

  2. And also, about the Welshness in a book, try this -

    Write a very short story or just one scene and set it in Carmarthen. Then set it in wherever you lived as a child. And then set it in a place where you've never been.

    You'll see that even though the story is the same - say a guy meets girl and falls in love (or kills her :P) - but the essence of the story changes entirely.

    The very small things. Eg. If it were set in Wales my characters would eat probably eggs and juice or baked beans... if I were to set it in Delhi they's eat something loaded with oil and spices. You see?

  3. I see you point about the Welshness.
    And you're our fountain of all knowledge Niti!!!

    Plus, nice answer, simple and philosphical - LOVES IT!!

  4. haha.. as much as I appreciate being the "fountain of knowledge"... do I sense a sarcastic note? hmmm

    Well.. I'd let it pass because m so busy thinking about my awesomeness. :D

  5. lol - there was no sarcasm intended, unless you want there to be.

    You're so cool Niti being all awesome and the like.

    I'm practicing :P