Monday, 4 April 2011

Settling in for the Easter Blizzard...

We now return you to your scheduled programming:

Hi Guys, I've not done this in nearly a week, I thought I ought to fill y'all in. Basically the inspections are over, my re-do 21st Birthday Party is all organised I just need guests now, lectures that were on next week are being canceled due to the fact that Easter begins on Friday, and during the Easter break I not only have my whole party thing, but a lot of work and reading to do.

There you are filled in. Does it feel good? (err, creepy)

I'm going to get a haircut most of you will be pleased to here because at the moment it looks a little something like this -

All Business in the front and party in the back, well not that extreme.

I'm cleaning my notice boards at the moment, they're looking quite barren and bare (like cupboard porn!) So I need to fill them again - any ideas?

Quite a bit of work ahead of me now, but that doesn't mean the blogs wont continue coming. Don't you just love me?!

Also, an apology to Tag and Cherrybelly (Hi Guys!) I sent you a text last night which had the word 'Bastards' in, please change that word to 'Custard' and see if you change your mind - bloody predictive text!

Also, congrats to India on winning the World Cup - I know you made one of my followers happy.

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

P.S. Have you enjoyed my PAT Test Man and Other Worthless Superheroes? If so, leave a comment below encouraging me to do more.


  1. haha about the predictive text thing. Thank you for the World Cup!!

    And yes I liked the PAT Test Man post. You should do it more. Only one suggestion (as if you have not had enough) Define your characters betters. I want to see them in my head.