Thursday, 17 February 2011

Impressionable Impressions...

Have you ever left a cinema feeling like you could conquer the world using your force/magic/super powers?

I have.

It takes me back to pretending on long summer days, whether it was raining or not. Being a Jedi, being an Orc Slayer, being a Pokemon Trainer - there's been plenty of roles I've played.

Nowadays movies tend to inspire me, mainly inspire me to write - which for the kind of movies I like to watch, they tend to inspire me to write fantasy (believe it or not).

But this evening I saw a brilliant film the BAFTA and Oscar nominated The Social Network. That inspired me to write for business or got me thinking about writing as a business. Which is something I don't really want to do, because as a friend said recently when you start writing for money that's when you lose touch with your writing (okay I'm paraphrasing - Hi Niti!).

So now I've written an article on a whim and I don't even know if its any good, or, for that matter, publishable. But then saying that I don't really care. Its written, I've written, and I'm glad.

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

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