Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Note To Self...

Okay just a quick note to myself right now after some rather grounding news I just received through the telephone. It reminded me that life still continues on, and nothing is forever, and life is always changing, even if I don't see it concealed within these four-walls of safety and parental ownership.

So the quick note starts now. From tomorrow morning onwards you will do the following things every day until you are - a. Fit and Handsome (Vin Diesel), b. A Published Writer, and c. A Paid Professional.

In order for all this to happen you must do the following every day for as long as it takes:
- Vin Diesel it up. This means exercise for at least an hour a day, even if it means joining the gym.
- Writing at least a thousand words a day. They don't have to be the right words, but they do have to be written to form the routine.
- Read at least one Chapter of one Book a day. This will make you more knowledgeable of your field and allows you to see what your enemies are writing. (That last bit is for drama, I have no enemies...except you Tag!!!!)

And if I do not do these three simple things, then I am letting myself down and falling into slobbery and laziness. Therefore, as a punishment, I will starve myself if I have not exercised, or deprive myself of sleep until the thousand words have been written and the Chapter has been read.

I know it's harsh on myself, but how else am I going to get my slovenly self to do anything?

And if you know that I have not done these three simple things then you too should punish me.

Carpe diem, until next time bloggers...

P.S. Tag, you're not my enemy, I was only kidding.

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