Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Well, it would appear...

Hi! How are you? I've not been here a while...

Goodness me, don't you hate it when you have a week of doing nothing, followed by a week which has too much stuff to do?

Now, those of you who know me, it's nothing to do with packing for Uni or anything. I am mostly packed for that, as it all went up in the attic as of June. But its just, last week saw me doing almost nothing everyday.

But as it's already Tuesday I have to inform you, that I have been to Cardiff twice, B&Q, had two BBQs, and played enough hours of video games that my brother would happy.

Why so busy, I hear you ask? Well, the truth, I don't really know.

Also, I have become a comforter for new First Years, though I didn't know it. It all began a week or so ago. A Message on Facebook from a person named Leela Homewood. It appeared that she was fretting about her newly chosen course of Creative Writing at our well established institution. Though I have, hopefully, reassured her, and fulfilled my job.

I like helping.

But to do with writing...

It would appear that the thing I mentioned I was writing blindly without any idea what its about or how it'll continue and end, now has an ending in my mind, though I haven't written it since. I have, however, been comfort writing as HB Sauce put it.

A Note on Comfort Writing: What do you think it means? Thought about it? No? Well I'll tell you then. Comfort writing is writing in your original and most comforting comfort zone, for instance mine is the genre Fantasy. It's where I started, it's what I was writing before entering University, and it's what I have not written properly in two years. Mad isn't it?!

I don't know where to continue this. Erm...Scott Pilgrim Vs The World was an amazing film. If you get the chance and have a longing to see a film with loads of gaming references, then that's definitely the funny film of the year for you.

Ah yes, I know, I haven't really got a hobby I was just thinking today. I used to have loads, each as geeky and innocent as the next. So I was thinking, thanks to HB Sauce, that I would start Wargaming again, painting my own models and the like. What do you think? Too geeky? It's something to fill a stressful time. I don't know...

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

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