Sunday, 22 August 2010

Its Been Too Long...

When, I haven't done one of these in a while...

Busy times, busy times. I wonder when I can get back the Uni, just so I can have a rest. When at home, the work is never done. And I don't even get paid for it. I cook, clean, and garden. I'm a handy man for my Mother, with more than less skills than an ordinary handyman.

The weather in Wales this week has been atrocious. It have been 20-degrees (that's C not F my American readers), and it's been non-stop rain. Luckily, today, the heavens have sought-fit to grant us one alright day where the heavens shall not shower down and smite us. Also, it's a good day to do the washing and drying.

I'm not saying I hate the rain. Even on occasion it has been know that I, quite literally, go dancing in the rain, given the right circumstances. I quite like the rain. As I was telling HB Sauce just the other day, she liking the sound of the rain, I described it as: 'the skies falling, but not', 'the sound of shooting stars', 'of fiery drops on the stone and leaves'. Okay they're not that good, I was tired, but they sounded good at the time.

I hate walking in this temperate topical climate of ours. It's like wading through a bog and you can literally eat the air for a breath.

Anywho, walking, blisters, achy feet, and sushi.

Friday, not wait, one more thing to say...

Thursday, HB Sauce and I are already and planned and packed to venture up to our friend Smeccles' 21st Birthday Party on the Saturday. Thursday evening, HB Sauce's car breaks down. Fate we thought. Smeccles must be disappointed in us, unable to travel up on the Friday either because of our previous engagement. So, yes we couldn't go.

A note on the weather: I know that Smeccles' Party would have been awesome and everything, and people who made it would have had a great time. But the weather would have spoilt it for me I reckon. I remember the conversation me and he had about it. 'It's going to be torrential throughout the day, is camping a good idea?' I said. We'll be fine, it says light-rain in the evening so everything will be fine.' Does anyone else see the confusion on my face?

Anywho, Friday. HB Sauce and I ventured to our great Capital of Cardiff. A fun day was had by all. We shopped, and wandered, following our feet the entire time. And then she invited me to a sushi bar. This was, by far, a great thing. The food is already cooked, there's no wait, and it arrives on a conveyor belt! It's like the future. There was only one problem I could foresee, I didn't know what to have, so I just started taking things and eating them, regardless. It all looks soo good. Thanks HB.

So now I can rest, safe in the knowledge that my belly is full and my feet are resting.

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

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