Thursday, 12 August 2010

Time to be Unlike Me...

Let's start with something very like me.

Yesterday I part took in a day of Lord of the Rings puns, food, costumes, and of course theological discussions. Oh, and also the entire extended versions of the films directed by Peter Jackson which took us from 11am until 2:40am to complete in it's entirety.

And I do say us, for us it was, there was a room of about 7 or 8 of us, and we wined and dined. Choosing our buzz words and playing a drinking game and dressing up as the characters and replaying scenes from the movie.

Of course we didn't do this. But I was Samwise. And we did recite the lines before, during, and after they had been said.

You might think of me and my friends, and sad idiots who had nothing better to do. But in actual fact, it has become a yearly tradition to gather together at Clareg's and witness these masterpieces. It seems that in our yearly schedule we have 3 certain things: Lord of the Rings Day, The Pirate Party, and New Year's at Jess'.

Not sad, just traditional.

Moving on...I have been told to be rather un-myself-like if I can be. Well told isn't the word. I'm forcing myself, since, recently, being called 'predicable'.

Is it wrong that I like to be safe and completely stationary?

Thing's go wrong when I go wild. I break my dad's Greenhouse with my brother's entire being. I break my brother's arm when I say it's cool to be Superman. I stab my brother with a fork at dinner time.

You see. A Wild Me might not be such a good thing for everyone (namely my brother).

Luckily, I'm willing to risk it, and try this thing out. Will you join me in being un-me-like?

I made a few suggestions to the person I was having this discussion with and they were: 'par core, sky-diving, getting pissed, driving, etc'. To which the person replied: 'i'll free run with you buddy we can break our legs together and get fit'

What a bizarre life I lead. So the Sky-diving is booked for Monday...

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

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