Monday, 17 September 2012

Told You So...

Like I said before, I'm a little up and down at the moment. I definitely went around saying things in my head in entirely the wrong way yesterday. That was rage and anger and everything, it's a state I'm sure none of you have seen me in, except those of you who were present during our mugging. I was being perfectly civil to the CHAVs and then they stole my hat - I had a lid on things until that happened. I went Hulk-styled into the fray.

2 of the 7 are now dead...just saying...

Moving on, I want to apologise for anything I said/did yesterday. I know that some of you were out at the Pub Quiz with me in the evening, things had certainly settled down by then. And I doubt I'd act like that or say any of it to anyone's face - well, perhaps I would, but you know I'd only mean well.

And that's probably what this all boils down to. I mean well, I always have. Everyone has the potential to be selfish and everyone makes mistakes (and we've all got a fair few of those, me especially) but on occasion, my best intentions just don't cut it, my well-mannered mannerisms just aren't enough, and they disappear entirely. I am human, repeatedly human, and I wish I wasn't.

Because being human, you've got the thought capacity to see what you're doing, you have enough intelligence to gauge whether it will effect anyone/someone, and you can weigh up the pros and cons to make the right choices. But also, being human, you've got instincts, and lies, and manipulation, and emotions.

The things out of your control are the things that make us human, force us to make mistakes, the wrong decisions, say the wrong things, it's the instincts that tell us that you should be angry or that you should have feelings towards that person or that one, etc.

In the end, that's what defines us, they are what makes us, us. Sure our minds play a big part in that but evolution hasn't removed those impulses just yet. We know who to make friends with, we know who we like and who we don't, we know, but we don't really know why.

I knew, becoming friends with Tag, Cherrybelly, HB Sauce, Pill, Dark Horse, Wodge, AxeMan, Smeccles, Clarey, Clareloo, Breadman, EMS, Timmy, Redhead, Bieber, Smiler, and everyone else was a good idea. I didn't know why, but I knew that it would be fun. And it most certainly has been. 

I love everyone, some more than others, but we won't go there just now. And I know I dislike nuts, football, and Politicians.

Instincts, they make us who we are.

Carpe diem, until next time bloggers...

P.S. The distractions are holding, I made a comic about Skyrim, you should read it XD

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