Saturday, 22 September 2012

Midget Lover!...

Well that was odd. Nice, but odd...

As you might have heard before, Borderlands 2 came out the other day, yesterday to be precise. One of it's key aspects, despite being an absolutely stellar game and, amazingly, much better than the first game. (I'm sorry I'm making it sound so good Tag, I did the same to Clareg earlier, and he's going to spend more of his overdraft on it on Monday.)

Anyway, one of it's key aspects is team work. Teams of 4, and the more players you have the more fun the game sound be, making it trickier, giving you better rewards, and the all round team spirit thing.

Well, HB and I formed a friendship around playing co-op video games - well that was one part of it. Needless to say that Borderlands 1 was on our completed list. And now we've got Borderlands 2 something strange happened.

I think she was expecting Tag and Pill to have it as well, but we just spent most of the afternoon, and evening, playing Borderlands 2 together - in separate houses of course, but still together. There was friendly banter about the game and some about other games, and some about Venice. It seemed like nothing had happened, and yet there was something under it all. I felt it. Perhaps she didn't, but there was that niggling feeling in me.

Why? Why now? What's happening?

Something for me to ponder over I think.

Carpe diem, until next time bloggers...

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