Saturday, 9 July 2011

Silver Clios and 30 Rock...

Well as I was exhausted after doing barely anything on Wednesday - after Graduating on Tuesday. Oh yes, I've Graduated. Pictures on Facebook, enjoy.

Either way, on Wednesday it was the 6th July 2011. Now if you didn't know - and I don't think you do, the 6th July 2010 was the first and only time HB Sauce asked me out.

I have only, at the moment, 3 major failures in my life, and messing up at 11pm on 6th July 2010 is my number one. Which is a pity because, right now, that I'm living at home, and not with my makeshift family back in Carmarthen, every single Silver Renault Clio I see, I hope its hers. Damnit! This is getting too sad now.

Its also rather strange seeing as everyone back in Bridgend thinks that HB and I should be together because they're all pushing for it as well. Its like the Universe is speaking to - well just me actually.

Okay, so plans for becoming the man HB wants:
1. Learn how to drive - Not only will this be excellent for my confidence but if I know how to drive then I can be spontaneous more often and take her out at the drop of a hat. And surprise her and the like.
2. Vin Diesel it up. Not only will it be good for my self-esteem and my overall health, but if I look sexy then there's always the hope.
3. Become the Breadwinner. If I have a good job, then obviously my life is going to be easier, and I will be able to do the whole learning how to drive and getting a car, the insurance, and move out eventually.

So I've got to stick to those things and all will be well.

But for now I will return to 30 Rock, which is a brilliant American Comedy to rival How I Met Your Mother. It stars Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin, and what else can I say but watch it!

Carpe Diem, until next time bloggers...

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