Monday, 4 July 2011

PAT Test Man and Other Worthless Superheroes #4...

And now the moment you have all been waiting for. This season's finale of your favorite PAT Test Man - I bring you Episode 4 of 'PAT Test Man and Other Worthless Superheroes'...enjoy.

Dr. Wright and the Irish Drake flew into action smashing, crashing, crunching, booming, kaplowing themselves into existence and into Estatron's non-existence. Estatron's existence was kaploaded into nothing and that nothing was spread up and down the corridor covering the walls and ceilings and doors. Though it did not tarnish the electric blue and purple spandex of Dr Wright or the sparkly red and green of the Irish Drake.

With Estatron's corpse completely obliterated, his hold on the Student building was released and the Student's were free to roam the halls again.

"Are you?" asked a completely combuzzled student.

"That's right, it is Us, Dr. Wright and the Irish Drake" said the Irish Drake before both she and he flew away.

"Wow, that was them," continued the combuzzled student.

The Irish Drake and Dr. Wright, who is never wrong, flew across campus, hovering over the Porter fights. Sperminator was zapped by the Irish Drake's fire - her pet dragon decided to appear and munch down on some of the bad Porters. All this time Student Body felt her strength returning to her, her strength returned she joined in the fight, and released the Lecturers. The Lecturers, equipped with the tools of their trade, joined in the fight. The Council Workers, came back from being destroyed and also joined in the all out war.

There were so many bad Porters that needed culling.

With Student Body, Dr. Wright, the Irish Drake, the Students, PAT Test Man, Student Body's Ninja Team, the Irish Drake's Dragon named Folper, HASP, the Sperminator who was impervious to fire damage, the Lecturers, and the Council workers, all out war was being fought on the grounds of the Campus.

And in all the mayhem and all the blood and fire and all the PAT Testing action, Dr. Wright stopped and said:

"This doesn't exist." And because Dr. Wright is never wrong everything that was happening, stopped happening, all the fires died down, all the blood drained away, and the mayhem ceased. Though the one thing that did not stop was the PAT Testing. Because PAT Test Man was protected by Dr. Wright's logic. And all was well.

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

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