Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sunshine, Tennis, and Nothing Much Else...

Yep, I've been my least productive since, well, ever.

I don't think I've ever been this lazy. I'm always thinking about doing things, but right now I'm eating things I don't want to, my Vin Dieseling has certainly taken a step back, things I should have been writing I haven't been writing (like this), things I've been thinking about writing I've not been writing, and things that have planned to be written haven't been written. I've also not done a lot of living, preparing for this Italian holiday of mine, and I've been eating far too much, even in my opinion!

I wondered where I got the weight from, that would be my mother's cooking, and her insistence on seconds. And she wonders why she wont lose weight! I think I've expanded by just being here - I hope my suit still fits. Its only been a week since I bought it.

My room is now looking less of a storage space, but it's still not far off one, and I've even found that xbox seems like a chore - which is something I never want to say again. I say it now, because I don't mean it. Every time I get on the Xbox there always seems to be something I have to go do, right at that moment.

I'm busier now at home than I was at university, its annoying, and giving me a headache - which, yet again, came back yesterday and surprised me with an entire left brain explosion of pain.

Though at least I got to watch the Tennis - that was good. And I should watch Camelot before Stolen tonight on BBC 1 with Damian Lewis!

I also really want to write something good. I've been worrying about the future today. After my holiday its CVs, Driving Lessons, and the Big Wide World. Hopefully writing will take my mind off things and keep me active.

Perhaps I'll write the Panto for the winter time. And the Tv Series for next year, with a few friends.

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

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