Saturday, 7 December 2013

They're Here, They've Come...

It's a weird one, I'm all up and ready to go to work, but I've got another hour or so, and I'm thinking about what I can write on here today, but I'm coming up blank. So, let's do what I normally do and keep writing until something relevant appears on the page with a supporting opinion...

Yesterday was a busy day in work, and I got very tired quite soon after lunch. It's all the performing and running around with people and for people. And then I went shopping for the last bits of Mum's Christmas shopping, and that was successful after ten minutes of queuing. Luckily I got my queuing practice in in the Summer when we went to Alton Towers. Either way, dressing gown and slippers purchased and foolishly left in work. Just something else to cross off the list. Yes, there's a list. 

Have you seen one of today's Qwertee's? 

A 150 Pokemon for Christmas. Looks pretty badass. I wonder who makes all these. It should be a knitted jumper instead I think.

I'm going to a YouTube Gathering tomorrow. That's going to be odd. Hanging out with people I've never hung out before with, except Kim. I wonder what's on the agenda. Red's coming over tonight to hit the town with her work crew. So that leaves me either waiting up for her, playing Skyrim, possibly wrapping presents, and catching up on some telly after I've done the inevitable cleaning. Or I could gather some friends of my own and hit the town too. Likely.

I might go wondering about the Park before work. it's now 8:40. How did this happen?

Carpe diem Muddafuckkas!

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