Monday, 27 June 2011

The 2.2 of Disappointment...

Q: Hello sir, I'd like to ask you five questions concerning your degree. Do you mind?
A: No, not at all.

Q: Okay, here goes. Why did you do your degree?
A: Well I originally did my degree because I didn't know it existed. I saw the course title 'Creative Writing' and thought, that could be good. Though of course I should have taken history like the Stanford Test suggested, but I didn't want a test telling me what to do with my life when I didn't know what to do with my life. And it was by sheer chance and my perversion that I chose to study Creative Writing at Trinity. It had the prettier girls.

Q: How did you feel when you received your 2.2?
A: Well I wasn't best pleased, to put it lightly, after all I was expecting everyone to receive 2.1's and do exceptional in the things that we hadn't received the marks in yet. So yes, I was very disappointment and annoyed at myself. I was actually annoyed with plenty of other people on my course as well. Those less deserving than I, I thought. Very pretentious of me. Though what else am I going to think when those in question don't buy the books, don't turn up to lectures, and don't do their work in time? And I work my hardest, the hardest I've ever worked for academia, and I come up under where I want to be. It makes you think that you shouldn't try so hard for something, if it doesn't come naturally then it won't come at all. Though saying all these negative things I am really proud of those people who did get higher than me, and I am proud of those people because I know they worked for it as hard as I did. I am proud.

Q: Where do you think you went wrong?
A: What sort of question is that? Though I suppose if I were to answer it, I would say that I did not interact in class enough, I did not talk to my lecturers after receiving marks back, to see where I was going wrong, and I did not read enough. So if that was the case then I'm sure I wasn't cut out of academia.

Q: What will you be doing now?
A: I don't actually know. I don't think I'll be doing any proper work until after I come back from my holiday in a couple of weeks. Though if I were to answer properly, at the moment I'm in the process of writing a screenplay with a few friends of mine, I am leading a team of writer so that we might develop and create a Zombie Apocalypse in Carmarthen, and I'm also waiting to hear back from the Cardiff International Poet of the Year Competition among other competitions I've entered. So all I've got to do is keep writing, and I'm sure something will come from it. Though, as for my personal progression, I will be learning Italian, learning how to drive, and getting much fitter and Vin Diesel like.

Q: Okay good, good, one final question. Would you do it all again? The same way? Everything?
A: Yes. Simply yes, there's no doubt about it. Though I'm definitely sure that there would be things I'd change. If not the marks, but definitely the occasions when I needed to be more of a man and the ones where I just needed to be a person. Perhaps if I'd done what I thought about doing during those occasions then perhaps I'd be more of an emotionally acceptable person. But that's just perhaps.

So yes, I got a 2.2. I am now a Bachelor of Arts with Honours. And I've finally gotten over myself and would like to congratulate everyone I know. And I would also like to announce that I am incredibly proud of HB Sauce for her 2.1. I can think of no one more deserving. Well done, even though I know you won't read this.

So without university I wouldn't have done this blog, and with it you've witnessed the emotional madness that is my mind. I wouldn't change who I am, who I've befriended, or who I love, even though I know some of them would.

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

P.S. Just a quick question to see who is still reading this 66 Posts on. If you could change one aspect of my life, what would it be? I know the question is about me, but meh, it's my blog.

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