Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Yes, a Triple-Kill...

So yesterday I was encaged in what some might describe as a Gaming Day.

My good friend Clareg invited me, and my brother to his house yesterday. Where, upon arrival we were welcomed into the day's most geeky past-time (or should I say nerdy?) of Gaming.

We started out, as we usually do, after telling my brother that 'no we're not going to take it in turns to play Bad Company because it's multiplayer exists on the idea that people with Xboxs don't actually have any real friends and thus must just play by themselves with their friends online and no in real life.' Clareg and I, and out belated friend Ireland (who arrived an hour later) told him that the only way to play our multiplayer was with four controls. He backed down. And we returned to a station we had left in our early/late/post teenage lives - Halo.

As always, halo didn't disappoint (well ODST did, but Halo 3 Online will still be awesome). Well fought our way through hundreds of online Spartans and Elites, slaughtering the masses as we roamed. It was a very good reminiscing point in our lives.

Until, that is, when we tried the other games on the Halo 3 Online feature, which didn't really involve killing. Then, we discovered, we weren't really that good at an objective based game, mainly because we'd never come across them before and didn't know how to play. But we found this one game called 'Sumo' - or to put it simply, Hammers, Warthogs, and a giant arena suspended in mid-air. Loads of fun.

So that was the first 6 or so hours of our Gaming day. Then we moved on to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - which is a game I haven't really played. But having a taste of realistic war is just sickening - especially when the opposing team have a helicopter waiting to take you out of sight, and you've got no cover to hide from it. Death is bad. But I've never died to many times in a bookshop before, I'll tell you that. That was 2 hours more.

Now for the final hour-and-a-half we played, we ended up playing 'FIFA '10' - that's right, a football game. I was highly skeptical and disliked the idea, but after lamenting that 'Time Splitters 2' wasn't a backwards compatible game, we had no other options.

(God damn it Microsoft, it was one of the best selling Xbox games of all time - make it backwards compatible!)

FIFA was alright it turns out. And I ended up getting the fabled 'Triple-Kill' Achievement that I had so longed for in Halo, but acquired in FIFA (if only it was a real achievement on that football game). I came in from the side, all four of us were fighting over the ball, so I just slide tackled all of us and the game was paused and paused and replayed and paused again. I was congratulated and scorned and then inevitably yellow-carded.

And after 9.5 hours of Gameplay we ceased for some much needed food and sleep. It was a good day. Very much enjoyable.

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

P.S. Sorry if you didn't understand any of that. Just go in the knowledge that it was a fun thing to do for a person of my gender and generation.


  1. I haven't even heard about half of these games. I hope its just a cultural thing, or it would just mean I am too old. sigh!

  2. Nah, I don't think it's a cultural or generational thing. I think its actually just a gender thing. So don't worry if you haven't heard of them, it's just us boys being boys and refusing to grow up :)