Saturday, 17 July 2010

Predator Vs. Clooney...


Wow, that was the first one of those I've ever done...

So yes, yesterday I went to the cinema with the lovely Miss HB Sauce, and we watched the hell out of 'Predators' - otherwise known as 'A Sci-fi BOOM-BOOM-POW' or 'You know those Aliens we don't call Aliens? Well, they're back!'

Yep, the Predators - well, we say Predators. It's true that there are more than one Predator, thus the plural, though I was kinda expecting more than four. The trailer made it out to be loads. I was waiting for an entire Cohort - but no, four. We got to see three at work in AVP1 - there was only one in AVP2 for God's sake! And that kicked some ass.

But no, they only hunt in threes apparently - damn it - I wanted to see an army of growly-four-fanged-flappy-mouthed Aliens take on a whole planet of two-mouthed-acidic Aliens. Cos, honestly that would be cool.

BASIC PLOT: Eight of the world's (and I mean planet Earth's) deadliest deadliest people are rounded up but the Predators, and are dropped on a jungle planet - unbeknown to them (the people). Yes, now to stereotype - for as Clooney says in 'Up In The Air' 'It's Faster' - it did look like 'Lost' (yeah, I stereotyped Lost - how does it feel Tag? Hi Tag!) for quite a while. Eight people, who don't know each other (but have massive weapons, for the most part), wander through this jungle, not knowing it's not Earth, until there's a rustling in the bushes. HB and I joked for a while that it was going to be a Polar Bear, but no - some horny dogs, some horny horny dogs.

Dun, dun, DUN!!!

Yes, now we know we're not in Kansas any more. But if you're as smart, or even smarter than HB Sauce or I then you'd have known this already.

But - moving on - it's a fun film - full of explosions, and a great, albeit short, sword fight. Weird don't you think, but they fought just like something out of an Anime.

It just needs more Aliens (as in the Predator Aliens and now the Alien Aliens).

Up In The Air is a good film. My brother bought it for my mother's birthday -she enjoyed it, he enjoyed it, and I've enjoyed it. It's funny, happy, emotional, sad, and realistic, all at the same time. It's brill.

Yesterday I also watched, for the first time, Teen Cribs. I hate those little shits - showing off the houses they don't own. It just makes me angry - Grrrr...

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

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