Monday, 26 July 2010

Discipline, Discipline, Discipline...

So, it's been a while hasn't it?

Yep, yet again I'm proving to myself that if something I enjoy and is good for me is going to become like a burden to me just because I think it is. Don't look like that, I don't know what I just said either.

So, it's been a are you guys?

I've not been up to much really. It's been a typically mediocre set of weeks, with a downer on things. My Father's car has become null and void. And then, after my Grandfather was diagnosed as ill, my Mother's car became poorly as well. And we being a family who are worse off than others, but better off than the poor, cannot afford to replace either, really. But we're going to have to I suppose.

Moving on to a brighter subject. I've finished Left 4 Dead 2 today, with my friend Clareg. Zombies die, and unfortunately so did everyone else, very many times. I don't know whether that was a brighter subject at all.


I've been having difficulty with this Sci-fi story I'm writing on the request of a certain HB Sauce. I began writing it over the Christmas Holidays. But I had to leave it for many months in order to focus on certain school works. And now I have tried to return to it, though it appears I stopped, at Christmas, half-way through a sentence. God I'm such a silly writer. Half-way through a sentence, who's that stupid?

Anywho, I'm back on it now and I hope things will go well for it. I've got to write it. I've got to try. It was getting to be such a good story. But these things happen I suppose. It will get written. And I'm even thinking of making it another blog - what do you think?

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

P.S. Sherlock = Awesomely Good Sunday Night Viewing.
P.S.S. Cherrybelly and Tag, you'd best get your blogs in gear. I need something to read into the lives of you two! Come on. I'll make it easy...that's right, a question.
P.S.S.S. The Question: If you were a Superhero, what would your powers be and what would your Superhero name be?

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