Sunday, 11 July 2010

The Ungrateful Surprise...

It was my mother's 50th on Friday...

SURPRISE!!! Cried the crowd through the walls of a nearby friend's house as my mother entered her kitchen and immediately became that poor little rodent caught in those poor little headlights. The poor little rodent, my mother, and the poor little headlights, most of the people my mother knows, cried and laughed and celebrated my mother's birthday - just a day late.

It was great. She didn't know a thing, and nor did she know she didn't know. And it's not easy to keep that wool pulled over my mother's eyes. And luckily she, as I have said before, didn't know. Otherwise the special surprise birthday party was a surprise.

The injuries sustained in such conspiracy to make a party were as follows: lack of sleep from start to end, my wallet was badly bruised and emptied by the course of the week, sore as saddles legs, and finally a bop of the nose from a particularly sleep-deprived brother of mine. The things I do in the line of a party.

But now it's a night after the day before. And today, whilst my sister was at work, my mother asked me whether or not I would set up my sister's entertainment system as a thank you for her. My mother thinking my sister was the only one to have done anything for this party...


...moving on. I managed to set up the entertainment system and thought, after I had moved all my sister's crap (my God, my sister's got a lot of crap), and arranged the system in the most economical fashion I thought, I have to wait and see whether she likes it or not.

4:30 comes, my sister returns looks at her room, and is not grateful for the wonderfully set up masterpiece of work, which happened to take up my entire day off. Time I could have used to write something worth while (I miss writing soo much - he cries).

So after realising that my entire day had yet again been wasted I wrote on Facebook - a well known and widely used social networking site - 'Thomas Edward Ajax-Lewis hates it when he does nice things...' (9:44pm). Look, I explained the status, isn't that good?

I really want to write. Perhaps I'll get one of my muses to give me a topic for one of my speed poems (some of which are good - or so I'm assured).

I hope this week is better after I screwed up last week.

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

P.S. Sorry this isn't a very funny blog, I'm just in one of those funny moods.
P.S.S. Oh...this is what they call a rant.


  1. You could write a poem or something for my birthday if ure that stuck on something to write about?

  2. Ah, idea - and damn, it's under the constraints of having to be good as well. Your will be done m'lady (he bows)...