Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Three Rings of the Elven Kings...

Yes that's right, I'm watching the Lord of the Rings...

Man I'll tell you something for nothing - if I were to watch any set of films from now until death I would watch these. And not only that I would get loads done.

Nothing major mind, perhaps build a few thousand flat packs, write thousands more novels, with accompanying backstory, maps, and other details, and I'd make some great table top gaming models, paint them brilliantly, and have some fantastic scenery to go along with them. I'd also have this constant urge to read the Lord of the Rings and other Epic Fantasies. Man oh man, these films are great, I've got the urge to do everything - literally loads.

But there's nothing to do, so I'm just sitting back and watching these writing this. Perhaps writing a bit more than this. I've written my own Dwarven Script now - so I don't have to steal Tolkien's ever again (Hi Professor), and I'm working on the Elven Script. I've been thinking about commissioning someone arty to re-draw my map, so I can get it printed A3 size - I've been thinking how I'm going to re-arrange my room when I get back, and I've been thinking what to do with my life.

Wow these films are inspiring.

I have also just received my American Goodies from my American friend. Today is a good day, today is Lord of the Rings day.

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

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