Tuesday, 14 June 2011

An Open Letter to the Flatmates...

"Dear All...

I know you've left me, and I know why, its because you hate me isn't it? I know I'm really hard to get along with and my incessant need for company really does drain you all. But just know that I don't blame you for leaving me. It had to happen sometime."

Well that was creepy and sad and everything all rolled into one there. And don't worry I don't feel that way at all. Here's what a real letter to you all would sound like:

"Dear All...

We've had our ups and our downs. Hell, its been three years for most of us and that's a long time to live in such close proximity to anyone. We've enjoyed our time from jiggly jiggly dancing (Hi Wodge), to Eskimo Kisses (Hi Cherrybelly), to rampant, and sometimes not dry, gay, manloving, humping in the corridor (Hi Tag and Pill). So basically all I would want to say at this juncture is Good Luck, and Carry On - Lie Back and think of England - Keep up Appearances.

Toodle-pip, tallyhoe, and what what
Your lovable friend,
Big Tom"

There we are, that's not as creepy, sad or pathetic by our standards is it?

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

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