Saturday, 18 June 2011

In Other Words...

Well today was interesting to say the least.

Not only did my mother come over to have a day out around Carmarthen, I took her for lunch we looked at suits for me, and my did I look handsome!

She also brought with her the perfect ingredients of S'mores - an American treat eaten by Americans, sent by my friend Pegan from America.

But no, those things, although very interesting and very tasty weren't the thing that was most interesting on today of all days.

For one my mother started talking to me about women, as she does on occasion when she wants reassuring that I'm not gay. And then, even she got on to the topic of HB Sauce - not the Sauce in this context of course, but the Sauce herself. I thought this odd but went along with it. No, what was strange and most interesting was mum had been speaking to HB's Aunt who is a colleague of mum's (strange how the world comes together isn't it?) and HB's Aunt told mum that HB - and I quote - 'she bloody loves you you've just got to be more of a man.'

I've been terribly giddy and happy and joyous when those words came out of - surprisingly - my mother's mouth. HB's Aunt also continued on to say: 'I want a special invite to the wedding.' Which is something I know HB's Grandmother has been talking about since day one. Its just really nice to know that despite all my sorrows and sadness that everything is looking to be okay and will turn out just fine.

Its been three years after all, what could go wrong?

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

P.S. Touch Wood!

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