Monday, 26 September 2011

There's Clearly Something There That Wasn't There Before...

Courtesy of my sister's unhealthy Youtube habits I was linked, earlier this month, to perhaps my favourite Disney film. I say perhaps, it is my favourite Disney film. Beauty and the Beast not only captivated me when I was a child, it does so, as I discovered this afternoon, as an adult too.

I don't know what it is about the story, or the characters, or the fantasy, but something about it made me think. Am I really a heterosexual man? And do you know the answer?

Well the answer, to disappoint some of you, was YES I am a heterosexual man, despite my love of childish movies with, mainly, romantic plot lines. I am a sucker for a RomCom after all. Its something Disney does to you, especially if you're spoon fed the films for a very long time. I know another person who has this cheery and Disneified view on life (Hi Clareyloo). It makes us believe that there is such a thing as True Love, only to be told by others that such a thing doesn't exist.

I do believe that there is someone out there for everyone, even if both parties don't happen to see it just yet. Take Beauty and the Beast for example - sure they get together in the end and live happily ever after, but in the beginning she was afraid of him, and he was angry and sometimes brutal because she felt that way. But then he gave in a little, and then so did she. And it's only until he saved her from a wolf attack that they actually start getting along.

Relationships are earned not rewarded - though they can be rewarding. You must stick by the other through thick and thin, and if you survive the rough waves then you know you can make it through other storms, because you've already made it through that one. Relationships are fought for, and if you don't keep fighting then the cause has lost the rebel. Sure the Beast had to get with Belle before Midnight otherwise he and his entire household would be stuck like that for eternity, but really - he did love her in the end. She changed him for the better. And now they live happily ever after.

Life doesn't have happily ever afters, but it does have 'happily' and lots of it. You've just got to find it. Whether it's a child receiving a toy for a birthday, or a true kiss from a loved one, or a slice of cake after a long day's work. Happiness is all around - it's not earned, paid for, or fought for. It just exists. Think about what your happy thought is, and keep it with you every where. And who knows, you might just fly...

Okay, okay, okay - that's Peter Pan, but you get the picture. Just be happy.

Carpe diem, until next time bloggers...

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P.S.S. Belle is by far the most superior Disney Princess - sorry Cherrybelly.

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