Sunday, 1 April 2012

Two Days To Go...

Well my hands are still shaking...

I hope that by writing this down here I'll cast aside any doubt in my driving technique. Yep, that's right everyone, I've got a Driving Test on Tuesday. YAY!

Though I suppose it doesn't help that my instructor changed his car recently, and I suppose it certainly doesn't help that I keep finding faults with my own driving, and I suppose it doesn't help that I shout at my mother as she shouts instructions back (as I don't need to be told what to do at this stage), and it certainly doesn't help that I've not really been out in my (our, my parent's) own car that often, which is a lot less often than I would have liked. 

But really all this lumps up to some huge excuse as I try to calm down and keep smiling as I told HB that I would continue to do so. It's all some really basic stress that I really do not need to have at this stage. Last week I didn't even feel as if I had a Driving Test very soon. Right now, it feels like the only thing in the world and if I fail it, I won't really have an cash to have another go at it. I need to do this, I will do this. 

I suppose it didn't help that Tag (Yes, you!) seems to have less faith in me than I do. Admittedly he was drunk, but he just kept saying that I would Fail because I was a guy and all guys do straight away. Well, needless to say, it's just piled on the stress.

I had a good drive today, up until a small busy roundabout, where I chose to make a bad decision and feel my instructor take over. Oh what a good feeling that is, when your driving technique is always called into question before your test. 

But it's not as if these things are playing on my mind. HB has been detrimental in my confidence building, she has faith in me. And that's such a very useful thing to have. Knowing that someone out there believes in me. And she's introduced me to 'Netflix', 'Warehouse 13', and has been having a 'Shep Week' (playing Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3) or sorts with me, and I know it might not all be just distractions from the Test itself, but now I think about it, they have been keeping me relatively stress-less. 

Carpe diem, until next time bloggers...

P.S. Please have faith in me. 


  1. You'll be fine. Just don't do anything stupid.
    Concentrate on parallel parking, remember which side of the road you need to be on on a one way, Look at your mirrors at EVERY possible occasion to and exaggerate doing so. Keep an eye on your speed, if you are going too fast then don't hammer down on the break, do it subtly. It is very unlikely that the examiner will look at your speed gauge UNLESS you hammer the break or are obviously going too fast.

    and that's it.

    Also hope for a female examiner.

  2. Also I've been hammering on about Netflix for months so just because HB talked about it doesn't mean its a new thing.

    Love you bye