Monday, 20 February 2012

Bedtime Thoughts...

I really can't stop thinking about her.I'm lying in my bed, writing this on my phone and I can't stop thinking.

I'm sure she had a nice time on Friday when we spent time together eating rubbish, talking about everything and watching dvds, but I couldn't help but think that something was off.

She said that she was feeling a bit under the weather, but when she left and didn't come back for a hug, like she usually did, I thought it was strange. Though she did text me to tell me that she had arrived safely home, which was also odd as it wasn't the norm.

Well either way, I'm sure its just because she wasn't feeling quite herself. But I've been trying to keep contact with her to a minimum, mainly to not disturb her at work, but also to see if I can.

There have been plenty of opportunities, like on the xbox today, but she seemingly ignored the join party requests. To be honest with you I'm actually writing this here now so I don't attempt to text her and put my foot in it like I usually do.

I never know where I stand with her, but I'm glad I can write this here knowing that no one will read it and take it seriously. Now I must go to bed. I'm just impressed that I've written all this on my phone, technology these days...

Carpe diem, until next time bloggers...

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