Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Pangs of Life...

As you know the University Experience is over and as such everyone is moving out.

This an unfortunately sad occasion therefore and everyone is kind of on edge and doesn't know how to move on. Others are just leaving, ripping off the plaster as it were.

I, however, am lingering on to the very last.

I remember why I liked my degree and why I worked at it and got distracted in all the geeky things I do - I liked it and those geeky things because it all made me forget about how sorry my life actually is.

Damn it, I hate feeling sorry for myself especially when I know I shouldn't be. There are people who are far worse off than I but this still happens. When I don't have anything to do I always realise how alone in the world I actually am. And not only that but the person I actually do fancy/admire/love doesn't seem too bothered in me. That makes me feel great.

Pill thinks I should tell her the reasons behind me not saying 'Yes' to her last summer, but I don't want the relationship, if one emerges, to begin on a bed of excuses. Man oh man I'm love-sick and I just don't want to continue saying any of this but I've got to vent somehow!

I just don't want to hurt anymore.

I just hope with all this pain and anguish that I can write some bloody good poetry.

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

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