Saturday, 30 April 2011

284 Days Later...

Well this is going to be a very long film...

So the time is almost here. Yes that's right, its the time at the end of things when I like to summaries everything I managed to do while I was doing the thing. A recap if you will. Only this isn't a recap or a summary - not this blog at any rate.

No I'm here to inform you all, that as of the 24th June I will have my results, and on the 5th July I will be graduating from, I'm not sure where yet, I think they'll change the name at least twice over breakfast tomorrow and a few more times before lunch. Either way its almost been 284 Days since this year has begun and her I type before you now.

If you didn't know I spent the last two weeks of my Easter holiday at home, which is nice and all, but not so good if you've got a degree to finish and you can't do much work because you're doing housework or gardening. And now that I have returned to Carmarthen I find myself unable to start anything due to this two-weeks of worklessness. So hopefully those gears should kick start with an early morning tomorrow, leisurely striding into the day, with casual breaks of video games in between (Hi Tag!).

I may also be in need of a job around August time due to this perfect getaway in southern Italy at the end of July. I need a holiday, I've not been on holiday in 7 Years, and even then I've not flown anywhere - YAY! Anywho, back on the job search, I've been constantly informed by my good friend HB Sauce (she's a very good artist, you should view here gallery here) that there are no jobs for writers of anything in this country, because all the other writers got a head start and have those jobs now. So I'm thinking about detaching myself away from everything I know and love and moving to California where, I'm inform by HB, the only good jobs reside. How would that be? A nice long holiday in a sunny, stormy, earthquake, disaster movie, area?

Meh, I need something new to keep me moving. I hope to God I won't be saying 'Would You like Fries with that?' at the end of the Summer...oh wait I forgot, I'm over qualified for that job now.

Unless of course you guys know of any jobs going?

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

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