Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Woolworths - The Gift of Choice...

Well 'Hello - how are you?' It's been a bloody long while I must admit.

Since my summary of the year I haven't actually been up to much - which I should have. I dislike moving about at Christmas - it seems to disrupt my apparently delicate systems whereby I cannot seem to function for a long while in a new or uncommon area. It's really quite odd.

So, moving on, as mentioned I've been disrupted - and as such I've not written a thing. And by a thing I mean a thing - nothing has been created on paper - though that's not saying I've not been thinking about such things. But I'm sure that these things will be spoken of very shortly.

I have gained a keen taste for tea, Lemon Tea in particular, but that's not to say I did not enjoy a cup of PG Tips with breakfast the other morning. I do believe I'm maturing like wine or cheese - hopefully without the smell. Along with this maturing I've adopted Newspaper buying and reading as well.

My marks are getting progressively better, as my Creative Writing - as always - is the best thing I can do. My academic work is unfortunately poor dragging down my Creative marks - but this last semester, and yes it is the last unfortunately, is perhaps going to be one of the best.

And as I mention my maturing - my Comic Book collection seems to be growing - explain that one.

That's me, until next time bloggers...

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