Friday, 10 September 2010

I Choose You...

I suppose you've been wondering where I've been for the last week and a bit...and if you haven't, then you probably should have done - that's you Tag and Cherrybelly! (Hi Guys!!!)

Well, it's a long story really.

Monday morning I found myself recieving a phone call from my good friend Clareg which went something like this...

'Do you want to come over and shoot some Aliens or something?'

'We could I suppose, we always shoot aliens though...'

'Yeah, I know, or we could shoot some Aliens whilst listening to other people shoot some Aliens?' - I was confused by this bit as well, but he meant an audio book, which is still a very cool idea. And then I caught sight of something black, neglected looking on my bookshelf.

'Or,' I began, 'we could rediscover our childhood and go capture some Pocket Monsters.'


And the rest, we say, is history. So I found myself, dragged away from my household duties on Monday to go and re-live my life as a Pokemon Trainer in the 3rd Generation (or so I am informed) of Pokemon Games, mine being Ruby, and his being Sapphire.

Starting at the age of 10, as all trainers do, out in my new town of Littleroot. I abandoned my poor Mother to go and be the best. Saving a middle-aged fat professor I was awarded with my starter Pokemon. Not like the originals at all, which are more true to the Tv-Series. Treeko, the Grass Pokemon. And yes, we rule. So now I'm battling my way through all these places. Forcing my newly acquired Pokemon to fight for my viewing pleasure. Womping the asses of most of the people who get in my way - well sort of.

Then I take advantage of people's kind natures, and go on unlimited free boat rides. I get given things for being me, and people say I don't have any PokeFans...Weirdos. And now I'm currently joining a political movement opposing the evil Team Magma - who are the good guys in Sapphire - who want to make the world entirely land, so more people can live. Nice idea, but where's all the Water going to go? And more importantly, the Water Pokemon?!

So teaming up with Stevo, a PokeFanatic, I aim to stop an entire team of bad guys, and then gain a Legendary Pokemon, acquire my 8th Badge, which should grant me access to the Pokemon League, where I finally get to prove my worth. Battling 4 of the World's Top Pokemon Trainers, I shall slaughter them all and rule the day.

And then all I've got to do is 'Catch-em All' - which has always been harder than it looks, because when you think you've finally caught them all, the creators of Pokemon just go and move the finish line a whole other 150 Pokemon further.

And why? I here you asking...

Well it's all because it's not yet the 14th September yet. Because on the 14th September Reach comes out. You've heard me talk about Halo - where we shoot Aliens - well the original Halo Trilogy was about destroying the evil Alien threat of the Covenant and the Flood (they're not working together) which our, eventual, Alien brethren, the Elites. Anyway, Halo 3's tagline (Ha Tag, Hi Tag!!!) is 'Finish the Fight' - well Halo: Reach is where it all began.


It's like Star Wars all over again. We all knew how it ended, but not how it began, until of course Episode 1 came out in '99 I believe.

Just 4 Days left. And I'm so close to finishing Ruby. And just 9 Days until I return to Trinity. When am I going to pack?!

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

P.S. Sorry if this content bored you, like I think it might if you're not me.
P.S.S. Shall we do a question?...okay...
P.S.S.S. If you believe in reincarnation or not, answer this question: if you were reincarnated what would you LIKE to be? And what WOULD you be?

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